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A unique ceramic artwork, designed to hang directly onto the wall.


This is a small version of my wall works, and work well on their own or in a pair or cluster.


The colours and forms I include in my collections are inspired by water, sky and my local landscape. I use the grounding quality of clay to explore ideas of flow, balance and connection to nature.


This particular series is inspired by expanses of sky and cloud forms.


These artworks are created with fine layers of coloured clay embeded into the surface. They shift as the pieces are rolled into shape, hinting at movement across the surface. Circles often feature in my work as symbols of continuity and the cycle of seasons and nature.


These pieces include my own combination clay body, made up of different coloured clays mixed to form a unique colour every time – from a soft grey to a subtle marble.


This patterning process has gradually developed after becoming fascinated with Nerikomi technique and hand-colouring clay as soon as I started working with pottery. You can find out more about my process, and see a short video here.


Approx. dimensions:

Diameter – 8.5 cm

Depth – 1.5 cm

Weight: 155g


Each work is made carefully by hand which means that they are all completely unique and individual pieces.


I’m committed to working responsibly as an artist and make conscious decisions in every part of my process. Each piece is mindfully made in my garden studio, and fired using 100% renewable energy.You can find out more about the processes I have in place here.


Delivery details and FAQ's can be found here.


Please do contact me if you have any questions.

Ceramic Artwork, Sky Series

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