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Shape Vase

Emily Marston Ceramics

Mindfully Made Ceramics,
influenced by nature and architectural design.

Handcrafted in my Oxford studio.

Pottery Workshops

My Nerikomi pottery workshops are now open for booking. 

Collection of stoneware vases

Ceramic Vases

Handmade sculptural vases, perfect for fresh or dried flowers and grasses. 

Created using layers of coloured stoneware clay, each one has a unique pattern.

Porcelain Rings

Porcelain Jewellery

Contemporary Porcelain rings, earrings, necklaces and brooches.

Every item of jewellery is carefully designed and handmade making them one of a kind.

They're then fired to a high temperature, ensuring that they are super strong to wear.

ceramic wall works

These new ceramic art works are created by layering coloured clay & inspired by water, sky and the constantly changing landscape around us.

I'm excited to have some mini wall hangings here on my website with new collections coming in summer '24.

You'll also find a collection of ceramic wall works available with Artists & Objects and Cambridge Contemporary Crafts.

Emily Marston Ceramic Artwork

Nerikomi flower bowls 


A collection of Nerikomi flower display bowls are now available here.


Each has an intricate and unique pattern, created by layering coloured clay. The flower bowls come with a stem holder to arrange dried or fresh blooms and grasses.

Emily Marston Flower Bowl

In the Pottery Studio

Each work is carefully handcrafted here in my studio in East Oxford, and fired using 100% renewable energy.


Every piece of handbuilt ceramics goes through many processes, from colouring the clay with pigments to rolling clay slabs and brush glazing.


You'll find more about my pottery making process below:

Emily Marston in her Studio in Oxford
Ceramics Gifts Guide

Connection to nature

​Inspired by water, sky and my local landscape, I use the grounding quality of clay to explore ideas of flow, balance and connection to nature.

The shapes of my pots often have a nod to my love of architectural design, and the contrast of clean lines against organic shapes found in nature.

Emily Marston Summit Vase

'Emily makes THE most incredible ceramics. The whole process of getting a bespoke mini vase made as a gift was an absolute pleasure. 

I wanted it in a specific colour and Emily couldn't have been easier to work with and kept me up to date throughout, with photos etc which I just loved.'


 Amy Jo Design, Oxfordshire

Handcrafted Porcelain Rings

'Thank you, Emily! Another of your beautiful works arrived safely in the post today - beautifully (eco) packaged, as always, and exquisitely made.


Your simple shapes and limited palette somehow allow for so much imagination and, in terms of craftspersonship, the quality of every piece I’ve purchased from you and your attention to detail is always second to none.

Thank you a million thanks for the joy your work brings.'



North Yorkshire

Emily Marston in the Pottery Studio

Mailing List

You can sign up for subscriber offers, to be the first to know about new collections, and for news and inspiration from the pottery studio.

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