Shape Vase

Emily Marston Ceramics

Contemporary Ceramics mindfully made in Oxford using hand-coloured clay.

Black and White Sunrise Vase


Handbuilt vases,

each is one of a kind

Porcelain rings and Earrings


Contemporary Porcelain jewellery, each one carefully handmade 

Blue and White Shape Vase.jpg



I make one of a kind ceramic jewellery, sculptural vases and planters, inspired by nature, architecture, sea and sky.



4 - 10 October 2021

Vigour and Skills at Anthropologie

Kings Road Gallery


131-141 Kings Road


Black and White Vase
Small Sunrise Vase

Shop Updates

Work is available here on my website throughout the year.

As my ideas develop, I am working behind the scenes on new collections and these will be released twice a year in late Spring and Autumn.

My next shop updates will be:

Vases- Saturday 2nd October '21

Jewellery - Saturday 30th October '21

I will notify my mailing list first when new collections are available  - please do sign up with the link at the bottom of the page or by dropping me an email. 

You can also follow along on Instagram for some more from behind the scenes in the studio.