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Care of your ceramics



Porcelain is a strong material once fired to a high temperature, and my jewellery is designed for everyday wear. However, this material can still be fragile if dropped onto a hard surface, so I would recommend putting on and taking off your jewellery over a soft surface.

If any marks get onto your jewellery, you can wash them off the porcelain with soap and water and a cloth or brush.

For jewellery with silver parts, like any silver, it will tarnish over time if exposed to the air. This can easily be removed so they look as good as new using natural cleaning methods. For mine, I use bicarbonate of soda. This can be made into a thick paste with a little water and rubbed onto the chain gently with a cloth or applied to the silver area using a paper stem cotton bud. They can then be rinsed with water and dried.

Keeping jewellery in an airtight bag will reduce the tarnish building up.


Vases are glazed on the inside and on the back, with an unglazed and polished exterior. Handwashing with soap and water is kindest, to keep your ceramics in great condition forever.

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