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About Me and My Work

I work in small batches to create minimal ceramic artworks, influenced by nature and architectural design.

I’m happiest near, in or on water – sea, river, lake – all good. This, as well as open skies and the landscape around where I live in Oxfordshire all have an impact on my work.


I love minimalist architectural design, particularly buildings that fully embrace and work with nature in a sustainable way. This contrast of the natural and built environment also feeds into the shapes that I create.

Before finding pottery, I studied Fine Art Painting at Winchester School of Art, followed by History of Art and Architecture once I moved to Oxford. I spent over ten years curating and promoting the work of artists and designer makers, both independently and at Arts at The Old Fire Station in Oxford. I’m still passionate about championing other artists, appreciating the love that goes into anything handmade.


I now live and work in East Oxford and as well as making, I'm Mum to two young sons.

Emily Marston 2.jpg

Emily Marston Making Vases

I aim to...

Create Unique Ceramic Artworks


I work in small batches, and experimentation and development of processes are at the core of how I work as an artist. Each piece is carefully made by hand, and I love that everyone choosing a piece has something individual. 


Make Mindfully


Considering my impact as a maker and finding conscious changes to my practice and processes along the way is very important to me as I continue to develop new work.


Embrace the nature of the material


I love the grounding and natural quality of clay, and the possibilities of slowly building and carving forms by hand. Part of the joy of ceramics are the small nuances that can happen all the way through the process, revealing the hand of the maker, and adding to their uniqueness. 

Image: Mark Lord Photography

Porcelain Ring

Handmade Ceramic Jewellery

I've always loved handmade jewellery, and creating a range of rings, earrings and necklaces has been a joy.

Each item is carefully designed and hand-carved making them one of a kind. They are then fired to a high temperature, ensuring that they are super strong. I then polish each piece after firing to create a smooth tactile surface.

My aim is to create unique jewellery that will be treasured forever.

A selection of work is available on my Shop page, as well as in some wonderful bricks and mortar shops and galleries. Please see my stockists page for details.

one of a kind sculptural vases

My current collection of vases were developed out of a love for the interaction of architecture and the natural world. This theme has been present in my photography over the last fifteen years, and now runs through my ceramics practice.

The simple slab built forms contrast with plants and flowers, allowing the flowers to peek out from behind the vase.

The front plane incorporates a fine layer of twisted and folded hand-coloured clay, embedded into the surface. I love the flow and movement that can be shown in the coloured clay, and the unexpected outcome with the shifting of the pattern as it is rolled into shape.


This patterning process has gradually developed after becoming fascinated with traditional Japanese Nerikomi technique, and Agateware process as soon as I started working with clay.

Sunrise Vases
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