Shape Vase

My Process

The making process for jewellery and pots are quite different, but both start with hand colouring clay with pigments. After tweaking to get the right shade, these are added to white clay to create patterns embedded into the clay body. 

Each item of jewellery is hand carved and goes through lots of stages. They are fired to a high temperature and polished to create a smooth surface.

The way the vases are cut depends on how the pattern lies on the slab – working out the design is one of my favourite parts of the process. After construction, they are dried super slowly and, as with the jewellery, go through sanding and smoothing before their first firing to reveal the pattern and create a tactile surface. The vases are glazed with a non-toxic glaze and fired again to a high temperature.

One of the things I love about handmade work is the difference in each piece that reveals the hand of the maker, making each piece one of a kind.