About Me

My background is in Fine Art Painting, and I started working with clay in 2016, falling in love instantly with this wonderful and grounding material.

I had taken pottery classes as a child and worked with clay a little at school but I’d never taken it any further. When a close friend invited me to join her in making some pots I was hooked immediately.

My practice grew organically, and I have mostly experimented, researched techniques, and taught myself. I helped out at Kina Gorska’s ceramics studio in Oxford and Kina has been so generous with her time and knowledge, and has helped my practice develop so much.

About a year later, I did my first makers markets whilst expecting my youngest son, and my practice has been slowly developing around my young family ever since.

It is really important to me as a maker to consider the environmental impact of my work. I love working with a natural material, and I strive to make work that will last for generations. I make sure to seek out sustainable products for use in the studio, I use green energy to fire my work, and when sending my ceramics, all packaging is plastic -free. This is an ongoing process and I am always looking for ways to make changes along the way.