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A bold, patterned handmade vase, in which the flowers sit behind a flat circular plane. Circles often feature in my work as symbols of continuity and the cycle of seasons and nature.


This collection of vases was developed out of a fascination with the interaction of architecture and the natural world; clean lines against organic shapes. The simple slab-built forms contrast with grasses and flowers, with the flowers peeking out from behind the vase.


The front plane incorporates a fine layer of folded hand-coloured stoneware embedded into the surface, making each vase different. This patterning process has gradually developed after becoming fascinated with Nerikomi and agateware techniques and hand-colouring clay as soon as I started working with pottery.


This vase has black hand-coloured stoneware, and white stoneware, inlaid into speckled stoneware clay. They work perfectly with a single stem, a small posy of fresh or dried flowers, or as a stand alone piece.


All of my work is hand built in my studio in East Oxford. Each vase is fired twice at a high temperature. After firing, the outside is polished by hand to create a smooth tactile surface, with more of a textured surface on the speckled clay. The inside of the vase is glazed with a matte clear glaze.


Approx. dimensions:

12 cm


Each piece is made carefully by hand which means that they are all unique. By their nature they may reveal small differences which are all part of their handmade character.


It is important to me as a maker to consider the environmental impact of my work. This is an ongoing process and I'm always looking for new ways to reduce the impact of my work. When sending out my work, all packaging is plastic -free. You can find out more about this here.


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Please do contact me if you have any questions.

Circle Vase in Black and White on Speckled Stoneware

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