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Really light and comfortable to wear, these hoop earrings are handmade and completely unique. They are designed and made by me in my studio in East Oxford.


I use coloured pigments mixed with white porcelain to create colours and patterns within the clay. After firing, the earring is polished to create a smooth tactile surface. 


This pair is made from teal and white coloured porcelain. The small porcelain circle sits on a sterling silver endless hoop. Circles often feature in my work as symbols of continuity and the cycle of seasons and nature.


Approx Size:

Porcelain circle: 17mm

Silver Hoop: 38mm



Each pair comes wrapped and carefully packaged in a pillow box.


Care Instructions:

The porcelain is fired to a high temperature and is a strong material. However, it can still be fragile if dropped onto a hard surface so I would recommend putting on and taking off your jewellery over a soft surface.


If any marks get onto your jewellery, you can wash them off easily with soap and water, removing the porcelain from the hoop first.


There may be subtle differences in the finished surface of the earrings, as they're carefully handmade and go through many processes, adding to the character and individuality of the earrings.


You'll find and FAQ's and delivery details here.

Hoop Earrings with Teal and White Porcelain Circle

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