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Ceramics Edit now open at Arddun Stores, Harvey Nichols.

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

I've been working away on this really special project over the summer, and I'm thrilled that the Ceramics Edit 2022 is now open at Arddun Stores, Harvey Nichols, London.

Arddun Stores teamed up with Jess from the Instagram account @Ihavethisthingwithceramics to curate the work of seven artists from across the globe. I was honoured to be invited to take part. I made exclusive pieces as well as showing some work from my core collection too.

The theme for the Ceramics Edit was Autumnal Feast, and I love the idea of candlelight at an Autumn table. I created new candlestick holders in an exclusive emerald green and black colourway for the edit, hand built from stoneware clay.

A patterned plane will often feature in my work, and I see them like a painted surface with each one being different. For this ceramic candlestick holder design, I've flipped the plane on it's side, so it hovers and creates a bold shadow underneath when the candle is lit. The shadow will then change throughout the night.

I have to admit, this was a tricky design to make, especially in the hot summer we had here in the UK this year. I find that with hand building particularly, work needs to dry slowly to help prevent cracking and with the heat, the slabs were drying before I could assemble them into the candlestick holder form.

This is all part of the parcel with making a new design, and I love the problem solving that goes with getting pieces to a place where they consistently work. Luckily, if any cracks form before a work is fired, it can be soaked down, recycled and used again to make something new, so no waste is produced by experimenting.

The Ceramics Edit also includes the work of these brilliant artists:

Aeglom Ceramics

Heo Ceramics

Speckled Grey

Oh Hey Grace

Recreation Center

All works will be available online and in store until 13th November '22.

Arddun Stores, 4th Floor Harvey Nichols, London

Images: Arddun Stores

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