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Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Hi, I'm Emily, thank you for visiting my blog. I make ceramic jewellery and pots from my garden workshop in Florence Park, Oxford.

Here I'll be sharing behind the scenes processes and inspiration - everything that goes into creating something unique and handmade.

My work is made slowly and mindfully, with sustainability in mind. I intend to make individual ceramic artworks that can be used, worn and treasured forever.

My work is influenced by a love of nature and architecture, and often the places where they meet and interact.

Before working with clay, I spent over ten years curating and promoting artists and designer-makers, focusing on exhibiting the work of early and mid-career artists. This is on pause at the moment, as we work around our young family, but I aim to bring some of this love for the work of other artists and makers into this blog too.

Thank you so much for following along and for supporting small businesses like mine, I feel incredibly lucky to do what I do.

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